Thursday, May 24, 2012

So...Right Now

Right now I am loving::
::kissing and hugging and snuggling my beautiful baby boy.
::spending lots of time with the kiddos piled in my bed watching cartoons.
::that I don't even care how much time we spend doing that.
::enjoying time with the babe.
::staring into his amazingly blue eyes (I always wished for a blue-eyed babe!)
::that I can get Son to laugh when I pinch his leg rolls or tickle his sides.
::how responsible Second Daughter is being with her glasses.
::how she asked me to rock her in the big blue chair tonight.
::taking a walk down the street to the gas station with First Daughter.
::that school is out tomorrow.
::having Auntie Q and Uncle O around.  they are fun.
::warm summer nights.
::cool breezes blowing through our windows.
::flowers planted along our walkway.  I'm enjoying them while they're alive :)
::reading The Help.
::going to the gym.
::Third Daughter telling me she loves me.
::everything about this bubba --

This weekend I look forward to::
::going on an overnighter with Husband.
::getting sleep.
::sleeping in.
::sleep and more sleep.
::did I mention sleep????
::movie night with the kiddos.
::summer vacation officially beginning.
::snuggling some more with Baby Boy.

Life is so good.
And right now I'm loving it.

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Debbie said...

I spend my weekends catching up on sleep too. There is nothing better than a Sunday afternoon nap. Your little munchkin is adorable :)