Thursday, March 1, 2012


Today has been one of those days.

You know, the kind when you feel like crying, or yelling, or throwing stuff...

What??? You don't have days like that???

Today I feel a bit overwhelmed.
The sleepless nights are catching up with me.
My sick 5 week old is worrying me.
I'm having a hard time giving all four kids everything they need from me.
Ok, I'm having a hard time even giving them some of what they need from me.
I worry how the older kids are feeling.
How are they dealing with the change?
I feel insecure and unsure with my overly emotional daughters.
Especially being overly emotional myself....
I desperately want to be exercising, but can't figure out how to fit it in.
I haven't left the house in two days. Literally.
I feel like all I do is complain - and I don't like that.

And on top of that I'm having facebook withdrawals.

I know. Poor me. My life is so hard....

Actually, it's pretty great - I'm just having one of those days.
And I never have been that great at dealing with change.

And make myself feel a little bit better and to remember to smile today...


our beautiful boy.

How can I not be happy, and so very grateful???
I think I can.
And I think I am.

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Lexi said...

You are allowed to have those kind of days as often as needed :) Sending positive thoughts your way.....and to be honest, I am glad that I am not the only one feeling overwhelmed.

Mercedes said...

Oh Megan! I probably have one of those days every week....and I only have two kids, and no newborn...I think you are amazing! and by the way, your little guy is ADORABLE :) Hang in there! you are a wonderful mother, and I'm sure your girls are going to be just fine!

Kathy said...

:-( I think you are super tired. That's usually why I have days like that. Sorry I can't offer any help or advice, I still have days like that and my baby is almost 18 years old. ;-)

MommyMert said...

We all have those feelings. We have been sick here, and I havent been able to come over. I think that baby's face is SO WONDERFUL! You are a great Mother... adjusting takes time. If you want to talk, I am here. I will come still those girls soon... (Literally soon, we just have the flu... boo.) ps, I agree with FB. Stupid fb.

Autumn said...

Megan, I love and adore you and have felt all those feelings too. I think it's a given with hormones and prolonged sleep deprivation! Having #4 has been so much more tricky to adjust to for me than #3 was. I'm so glad you have a husband who knows exactly what you need and you got to go to the gym!