Tuesday, May 3, 2011

So...Girls' Room

Been working in the Daughters' bedroom...
And I think I finally have a vision for what it will become.

I have painted the green walls to light pink and the blue trim to white. Ahhh.

I am so in love with this tree I saw on Just A Girl about a year ago.
I've been dreaming about it ever since and think I'm about ready to attempt my own for the Daughters' new room. I just need to figure out how to do it...

{picture via Just A Girl}

I have painted their room a light pink similar to that bed spread, and am debating between an all-white tree or brown trunk/branches with white leaves/blossoms.

We still have the same bunkbeds and the pink/white/brown comforters I made two years ago that you can kind of see in this picture.

I still have these butterflies I plan on putting back up flying out of the tree:

And I hope to paint our dresser like this, only with light green stripes:

{picture via House of Smith's}

I would like these lamps from IKEA to put by the girls' beds for nighttime reading:

And possibly this chandelier:

Still looking for some curtains. Probably something lacey and girly and pretty.
And brainstorming ideas for a reading nook in their closet.
Stayed tuned for how it all turns out.

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Kelly said...

I'm so anxious to tear down the ugly wallpaper in my girls' room. But they love it so much(I don't know why). So perhaps if they see how beautiful your girls' room is, that will inspire them!

I love all your ideas! That tree is beautiful!

♥ Nadine ♥ said...

You chose some pretty pieces!! I can't wait to see the final pictures. It all sounds pretty exciting.
You know what? I've some kind of wall tattoo from IKEA, it's a green tree with little birds and flowers and it looks similar to the one on the picture above... Wanna see a picture??
Maybe you should check your IKEA out. I hope you're lucky, because I got mine in Germany. Or I could send you one... :)


Casey said...

oh i love this i love this i love this!! I LOVE the dresser idea, wishing I had painting mine in stripes...wait, the whole room is stripes so that wouldn't be a good idea :)...but I wanted to tell you about the tree!! Use a transparency!! Copy the image onto a transparency, then you can put it on the wall...I have a book showing how to do it - should I bring it by?

Casey said...

oh wait...I just realized that when you said "how to do it" you were probably referring to the 'all-white' v. 'white and brown' and not the technique of painting the tree - so you can ignore the suggestion :) (i'm just anal enough to not be able to freehand anything ;))

Autumn said...

So cute and so fun. I love watching your creative mind at work. Your house is beautiful.