Friday, October 23, 2009

So...the purging of toys

For the past week I've been cleaning out the playroom.
Getting rid of lots, trying to organize, and keeping myself from throwing away EVERYTHING.

Our kids have too many toys.
The floor in the playroom is usually covered.
And still, the kiddos prefer to play with mommy's kitchen toys instead of their own.
I then am cleaning up ("with them") their toys AND my toys.
This drives me C-RAZY.
This is why I want to throw all their toys away.
I could then just get them each their own kitchen caddy full of wooden spoons.

This week I've been cleaning out the playroom.
I'm talking some major purging of toys.
Instead of taking out toys they don't play with anymore, I took out everything and only put back their most favorite toys.
It felt really good.

Now we have a few boxes full of toys that we are going through (yes, I said we - the kiddos are helping with this one) to give away. It is amazing watching First Daughter think very carefully about who might like and play with each toy. She is remembering friends, cousins, neighbors, even schoolmates. She is incredibly thoughtful. And of course, we have a donation pile as well.

And get this.
The kiddos have been playing in the playroom, with their OWN toys, non-stop since.
And I actually feel like I can breathe when I step into the playroom.
I am really liking this.
I think we will make this an annual event.

Things I like about this:
- way less clutter and cleanup
- teaches (hopefully) kiddos to appreciate what they have
- the thought put into giving their own toys away
- great way to get the kiddos involved in organization and cleanup
- great practice in getting rid of stuff we don't need (why is this so hard?)
- makes me think twice (or more) about future presents

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Lexi said...

Great! Now you have more room for all the toys they will get for Christmas :b The cycle is neverending......
I try to clean-out our toyroom every 3-6 months.