Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday Memories 028: Visit From Grandma

Thanksgiving Point with Grandma, June 2006

This week my parents are in town and we will be celebrating First Daughter's sixth birthday. We are all very excited to have them here, but the Daughters are beyond thrilled.
Visits from Grandma is always a treat. This visit back in 2006 is a memorable one for me and this series of pictures are some of my favorites.
In June 2006 we had just moved into our first house in Provo. First Daughter was 13 months old. Life was so very sweet.
A favorite outing while Grandma is here is to the Thanksgiving Point Gardens. It's so peaceful and beautiful. We love to walk along the paths through the gardens, roll down the grassy hills, look down over the waterfall, explore through the Children's Discovery Garden, and sit in a sunny spot and just bask. It is so perfect. We look forward to returning there this week for the Tulip Festival while Grandma & Grandpa are here.
I love these pictures of First Daughter - mostly because I remember this trip to Thanksgiving Point so vividly. I remember watching her run around {she had only been walking for about a month or so} and getting so excited at every little thing she saw. I remember her little chubby fingers gently touching the flower petals. I remember watching her discover the world around her as if for the first time. She seemed no longer to be a baby, but a little person, all of her own.

She walked with her elbows bent up and her hands by her shoulders for balance. She stuck her belly out and smiled wide. She was so very proud.
First Daughter turns six next Sunday. It doesn't seem long ago that it was just us, taking long walks and just being together.
She still approaches life and the world with as much enthusiasm as she did when she was one - and I'm so glad. She is such a joy in our life and I feel so lucky to be her mama. may also like:
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MommyMert said...

OOOooh!! LOVE THOSE CHEEKS! Happy BIRTHDAY BIG GIRL! #6 Hooray! (I actually remember this trip from your Mom... Its when I actually met her. :) Good times.)