Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Memories 014: Winter Swingin'

January 2006 - Orem, UT
This is a time I wish I could return to whenever I wanted. This was a favorite time of my life.

I absolutely loved being a mother to one baby. To this baby. I loved where we lived. I loved our friends and neighbors. I loved the quiet and the trees. I loved our simple life.

Our apartment had a small communal swing set that First Daughter and I played on often. She loved to swing, even in the winter. She loved to cold air on her face as she swung that always made her gasp. Then smile. She loved the crunchy snow. She loved her pink baseball cap and her boots. She loved being outside.

I look at this photo and can't help but smile. I can feel everything about that time of our lives in this picture. Time moved slower then. Everything really felt just the way we wanted it. We were perfectly happy and could have lived that life forever. Little did we know how much life would change in just five short years. Little did we know how much more was in store for us.

Perhaps someday I'll look back at pictures of now and think the same.


Kelly said...

I love reading your Monday Memories...keep them coming!

MommyMert said...

I actually have very similar feelings to this blog. Loved our condo and the swing set, long walks and great neighbors. :) That picture of Katie just makes me smile. Always have loved her litte face. :) I agree with Kelly... and I may still the idea?

Hannah said...

She was (and still is) so adorable! I love to think back on those early apartment-dwelling days. A very calm and sweet time in our lives.

I love these posts too.