Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Memories 019: Winter Outing

January 2007, BYU duck pond.

It's right about this time of year that we all get a bit stir-crazy around here. Ok, maybe we have been for a couple months now. Is it a coincidence that I average two posts per day in the month of February? I think not.
I usually am reluctant to take the kiddos on an outdoor outing during the cold winter months, mostly just because I'm cold. But I can honestly say that every time we do, I'm so glad we did. We really should do it more often.
I love winter walks. I love winter trips to the park. I love winter visits to the duck pond like the one I took with First Daughter back in 2007. The ducks were extra hungry and thrilled to have visitors. They even swarmed. It was a bit alarming, but it was really fun. We laughed a lot. First Daughter didn't seem to mind her red, runny nose and frozen fingers one little bit.
The truth of it is the kiddos love playing outside, even in the cold. All it takes is a couple extra layers {which usually end up coming off anyway}. I must remember this for the remainder of our cold season. That may just be how we make it through to springtime.
Perhaps we will plan another trip to the BYU duck pond. We are due for a visit. may also like:
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Autumn said...

I always go to springville to feed the ducks. Where is the BYU duck pond?

Meg said...

There's a small duck pond on the south side of campus - on 800 N.