Wednesday, March 9, 2011

So...Projects in the Works

::I've been brainstorming a new blogging project for a little over a year now. Debating whether or not to finally take the plunge. As if I need another blog in my life. But I am excited about my little idea and can get carried away thinking of all the possibilities.

::Trying my darnedest to get a writing project going. I have a few ideas storming away in my brain, but nothing down to take off running with. I'm overflowing with desire and intentions but lacking in results. Just fragments. But I do believe that one of these days it will all come together. I do. I really do.

::Daydreaming about projects in our new home. Attempting to prioritize and thinking realistically about timing. It all can't happen at once. I might be most excited about the Daughters' room, that may or may not feature this shot.

::Considering Project::Playdays. No electronics required. Or allowed. We have been spending too much time infront of the TV and the computer and it's time to take some action. I may be the most excited about this one.

::Compiling a Learning Letters book for the kiddos. Of course this requires us to finish M-Z. Perhaps we should get on of these days. {For the record - I found this concept/idea on No Time For Flashcards}

::Making a file of pictures to print for Third Daughter's baby book. After all, this is the year to start and finish it. I can't wait.

What are you working on this winter?
Any projects lined up for Spring? may also like:
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Julie J. said...

I too am going to be printing some baby pics, and I want to make some paper birds to hang over Lola's bed. Oh, and I have an idea for a lamp to make and hang in Sam's room.