Thursday, March 10, 2011

So...Our Very Own Magic Tree House

The kiddos have been playing Magic Tree House in our backyard.

They collect all our chapter books and pile them in the tree house. They climb up the ladder, open up the books, zoom down the slide, and run around the backyard reenacting the adventures of Jack and Annie.

It makes my heart feel happy. may also like:
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E and J said...

We started reading those books on your recommendation. It's a fun thing we do together as a family. Chandler is even sad when he misses it. Who knew!

Julie J. said...

That is so cute. And you are such a nice mom, I wouldn't let them take the books out for fear they would forget them and then it would rain and ruin the books. Am I weird?

What I Did Today said...

That is so awesome. I'm going to have to read those books so I can see what I've been missing.