Tuesday, March 8, 2011

So...Some Favorite Blogs

I am pleased to introduce to you the people I spend the most time reading online.
Some of them I know.
Some of them I don't.
All of them inspire me in some way or another and I just thought I'd share.

::Sherbet Blossom::hannah inspired me to start my own blog and continues to encourage me.
::Ginger Unplugged::my friend, neighbor, and writer, ginger. she is clever, whitty, and inspiring. i love reading anything she writes.
::At Full Capacity::my friend kelly shares a very honest, unapologetic, can't-help-but-laugh-sometimes perspective to motherhood and family life.
::marta writes::marta has a gift for writing and expressing the joys of life as a mother.
::nienie::who isn't inspired by nienie?
::Bee a Little Better::very new blog. dedicated to all things uplifting and to being a little better. i have a feeling i'm going to love this.
::the would-be writers guild::tiffany just makes me laugh. and i like it.
::Travelin' Oma::marty has a gift for writing and i'm inspired by her passion.
::Poetic Asides::i love the community of poets i have found here. even though i'm a baby in the world of poetry, they always make me feel welcome.
::My Name is Not Bob::robert's other blog. full of great advice for writer's and poets.
::Presley Fam::i stumbled across this blog and am so inspired by this family.
::House of Smith's::super cute shelley is an old old friend who has an amazing gift for all things creative. which is a major understatement. i love seeing what she's working on.
::willette::host of the joy of love class i took in february.

There are many other friends and family blogs that I read and love.
This list a just a few of my favs.

What are some of your favorite blogs?
Is there one out there that needs to be on my list?
Please, do let me know.

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Thanks for stopping by!


Christina said...

Thank you for the mention! I've subscribed to your blog and love reading your beautiful words about your sweet girls.

Most of my favorites are listed under the Bee Inspired tab on my blog. So much goodness in the blog world!

What I Did Today said...

I love nienie. Thanks for a new bloggy reading list. :)

Hannah said...

I just trimmed my reader down to my top 11 blogs. That is all I'm subscribing to.

Yours is one of them.
Bee a Little Better is another.
Marta's is one.
The rest are other family and friends.

Hannah said...

And thank you for mentioning Sherbet Blossom.

Presley family said...

Ahhhh... thank you for putting me on your blog list. You are way too kind!!! BIG HUGS!