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So...12 Days of Christmas Past::2005

First Daughter::Christmas Eve 2005::Orem, UT
Christmas 2005 was our first Christmas alone, in our own apartment in Orem, UT, just the three of us.  It was different, much more quiet, but wonderful.  It was the beginning of creating many of our own family traditions.
1::Christmas jammies - both Husband & I had this tradition in our families growing up, but this was the first year that we bought them for our own little family and for our own sweet daughter.
2::Christmas bear - this tradition kind of created itself and it started this Christmas with First Daughter.  First Daughter's nickname has always been "Bear," so I was so excited to get her a Christmas bear for her first Christmas.  Husband's family had a tradition that they each had a Christmas character (Husband's was Santa) and they had a stuffed animal/pillow with that character and then got ornaments that went along with it.  Getting the Christmas bear was my attempt to keep that tradition continuing, but it ended up just turning into Christmas bears for all the kids on their first Christmas.  The bears have the year embroidered on their paw so we can always remember when their first Christmas was.
3::Baum's Christmas trees - we bought our Christmas tree that year at Baum's, a local tree lot that was recommended to us by a friend.  We bought our tree there every year since.  (Actually, this was our first year not getting our tree there - it was kinda strange - especially since I am definitely a creature of habit/tradition).
4::Christmas book - we get a family Christmas book every year.
5::Christmas movie - we also get a Christmas movie.
6::Christmas card - this was our first official Christmas card.  Well...I think we sent out Christmas cards that first year after we got married...but this was our first take-a-family-picture-for-a-Christmas-card experience.  It made us feel like real grownups :)
Having a baby made Christmas morning a little different.  First Daughter had no anticipation waiting to see what Santa left her, and she was a champion sleeper, so we didn't get up until after 9 or so (which was normal for her).  We had a wonderfully relaxing morning opening the few presents that we had.
Family memories are the best, and the first memories of our sweet little family feel magical.
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