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So...12 Days of Christmas Past::2004

Well...I know I don't really need to say the obvious, but blogging doesn't seem to be my strong suit these days...my attempt to do the 12 Days of Christmas Past leading up to Christmas obviously didn't happen...BUT - I've never been good at letting a "goal" stay unfinished/open ended, so I'm just gonna do it anyway, even though Christmas is over.  Hopefully I get through them before the next holiday comes around...well, New Years doesn't count cause that's, like, tomorrow...or the next day...
Christmas Eve with Husband's side of the family::San Jose::2004
Christmas 2004 was with Husband's family in San Jose, CA.  I was pregnant with First Daughter and we had just found out she was a girl days before we arrived.  We brought a video (yes, it was a VHS) of the ultrasound with us so that everyone could watch and see if they could guess the gender.  Of course nobody could because ultrasounds don't really look like anything.  We thought it was such a clever way to reveal the gender, but looking back it was a little silly :)
This was my first time being somewhere relatively warm for Christmas.  It was different, but fun.  It was my first Christmas not being with my own family.  But being there felt like home, as it always did, and we had a wonderful Christmas.

Mother In-Law got us all matching jammies.  The sweatshirts were GDI (Husband's dad's company) sweatshirts, and I still wear it to this day.  I love that sweatshirt. 

All of Husband's family was there except one of his younger brothers who was serving a LDS mission in Washington at the time.

Christmas Eve dinner was at Husband's aunt's house who also lives in San Jose.

It was my first Christmas experiencing the traditional Christmas Brunch that Husband's extended family does every year.  It was fun and yummy and it's a tradition that we still look forward to every year.  We have one out here in Utah with his family members that live here.

I remember that we were there for a really long time.  Perhaps the whole two weeks of our winter break?  We watched lots and lots of movies, and I learned how to knit. 

My memories of that Christmas are pretty sporadic, but I do remember it being wonderful.  I have always loved being with Husband's family.  I am a very lucky woman to have married into such an amazing family. 

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