Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday Memories 063::Wedding Eve

We had a wonderful tenth anniversary - the four oldest kiddos spent the night at Brother & Sis Inlaw's place, we had dinner in, watched a movie, spent some time in the hot tub, and slept in the next morning.  So simple and so wonderful.  I didn't realize how much we needed a night like, but we really did need it - nothing to do but just be together.  I really really loved it, and loved being with this guy -
Husband & I singing "Summer Lovin" the night before our wedding, Oct 2003
This picture was taken the night before our wedding ten years ago. 
For our wedding dinner we went casual and had pizza and karaoke at my parent's house with all our extended family.  There was a lot of extended family there, even though we were married in Boston which was very far from where all our extended family lived.  We were so thankful that so many were willing and able to make the trek out there to celebrate with us.  We know there were others that also would have been there if they could.  We felt very loved and very blessed to be surrounded by so many loved ones.  We still do!
Our pre-wedding party was so fun.  It was a great way (we thought) to break the ice between two families that didn't know each other very well.  Most people took a turn at the microphone and were able to get a little goofy in front of everyone.  It was really fun.
Husband and I are seen here singing "Summer Lovin'."  Husband is so much better at karaoke than I am.  Like, so much better.  But even though I have about a five note range and I'm embarrassingly bad at singing karaoke, I really love it.  It's so fun!  And like everything, it was so much more fun singing with Husband.  He has a gift for making me (and most people) feel more comfortable.
Other performances I remember from that night - my parents singing "Sun Rise, Sun Set" from Fiddler on the Roof (so serious...), Uncle Ed singing "It's Still Rock N Roll to Me," me and my sibs singing "You've Got a Friend" - a childhood memory of ours, Husband's Little Bro belting "O Darling," my grandpa being there and singing, my new-to-be Father In Law turning karaoke into a real sing along when he jammed along on the piano to anything by the Beatles, Billy Joel, or Elton John (he's awesome), and lots of singing along and laughing by everyone.  It really was a fun night and got us pretty excited about being a part of two incredible families.
One thing I love the most about being married to Husband is how he is able to lighten up any situation.  He always knows how to have a good time and laugh in pretty much any situation.  He doesn't take himself too seriously and he is teaching me to do the same.  He's just a really fun guy to be around which has made the past ten years pretty awesome.  I'm a pretty lucky girl.
We'll have to make sure to include karaoke in our 50th wedding anniversary celebration.
And perhaps we'll do a "Summer Lovin'" encore. may also like::
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