Thursday, August 28, 2014

So...Zoo Date

This month was Second Daughter's turn to go on a date with mom & dad, and she got to go with her best friend too!  It was so much fun to double with our friends and their daughter to the zoo and out to dinner.  Second Daughter was so excited and the night ended up being all she imagined it would be :)  This time with her was so great.  It's important to break away from all the craziness and have a chance to reconnect and remember all the things we love about each other.  Dating (including my kids) is awesome.
Best buddies.
I love these two.
Best monkey buddies - look how their tails are braided together!  So sweet.
 I found this hilarious.  As if a sloth isn't lazy enough, let's give him a hammock.
We decided to throw kid dates into the rotation of our date nights and it has been fantastic.  Some friends of ours have been doing this with their kids for years and we always knew we wanted to do something like it too.  We used to use date nights as incentive to encourage our kids to do good things, complete chores, etc., but we decided we didn't want our kids to have to earn time with us.  We want to just give it to them.  We want them to know they are important to us and that dating isn't only an opportunity for mom & dad to get away from the kids.  Dating is a way that we can strengthen our relationships by having fun together and creating great memories. 
Since our Sons have come into our lives, we have noticed some of our children needing a little extra attention and reassurance, and we haven't always been able to meet those needs as often and consistently as we want (and need) to.  These dates have been such a great thing for them and a way to fill their "love tanks."
Second Daughter still talks about how much fun she had, and has already started making plans for her next date.  Actually, she started planning the next before this one even happened :)  Love that girl.
Speaking of date night...
Husband and I get to go out tomorrow night just the two of us.
It seems like it's been a very long time since we've had a date night to ourselves.
We've had a blast going out with friends, family, and our kids, going to the temple (and sitting far away from each other), but we are excited to have some one-on-one time tomorrow night.
I really love dating my husband.
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