Wednesday, July 16, 2014

So...Kid Date

me, First Daughter, Husband at the movies
For one of First Daughter's Faith in God requirements, she planned an entire date for us to go on.  She planned it all out, including the cost of dinner, movie, movie treats, and a babysitter.  We gave her a budget and she figured out how much to spend on each thing to stay within that budget.  She did a great job!
We went to the Provo Towne Center and had dinner at Panda Express.  She figured if the three of us shared two meals we would be able to save money and still have enough to eat :).  She was right!  We saw Earth to Echo at 7:05, because we wanted to make sure to be home by 10:00 for the babysitter.  She also decided it was better to buy them at the theater rather than online cause we could save $3.  She decided we only needed popcorn and a drink, because she saw how much concessions cost at the movies and thought we didn't need candy after all.  Little did she know I snuck candy in my purse :)
It was a pretty awesome night and we were proud of her for planning so well.  We had a great time spending some time with just her and laughing together.  Earth to Echo was a great movie and really funny!  We loved it!
She kept saying that it was the best night of her life.
Mission accomplished :)
It was a pretty great night and I can't wait to go out with this little lady again. may also like::
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