Sunday, November 3, 2013

So...A Blessed Day

Today was Son #2's blessing day. 
It was a beautiful day. 
I love my family.
We were surrounded by so many loved ones that came to support our little guy and our family.  We felt so grateful to those who could be there with us and equally grateful for those who could not.  We recognize how blessed we are to have so many dear friends and family.  We just love you all so much!
The blessing was beautiful.  Husband did a great job and gave a beautiful blessing.  He blessed him to recognize the blessing that his family is; to get to know and to grow close to his great-grandfather whom he is named after; to prepare to serve a mission and grow in the priesthood; to learn right from wrong from his mother and how to be a man/father/priesthood holder from his dad; to know how much his older siblings love him; and many other choice blessings that are in store for him.
Baby blessings are so inspiring.  So much hope and potential in these new, perfect little people and such an incredible blessing to be a part of that.  Babies and families are a gift and a miracle.  I am so thankful to be a part in this beautiful plan.
I was reminded again today during the blessing how this little guy was meant to be in our family.  I thought about the many strong impressions and confirmations (and dreams) that brought Son #2 into our family and how clear it has been that he has always been a part of our family.  I know he is a strong, special spirit that is meant to do great things.  I am honored to be his mama and thankful that he is here - healthy and strong - blessing our family every day.
I love you little man. 
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MommyMert said...

:) It was beautiful.
So is that family.

The Yuan Fam said...

That last pictures makes me think he is plotting to do something amazing! It was a beautiful day yesterday. Thanks for letting us be a part of it.

Autumn said...

Beautiful post. Your family is amazing. I admire you so much.