Saturday, October 26, 2013

So...Photo Stream

So proud of this little lady and how she is excelling at violin this year.  She's a natural and is doing so well!  She has her first Suzuki Showcase next weekend and that will be exciting - I totally remember playing in those at Wellesley College when I was young.
Face sleeper.  I love it!
This tree drops so many leaves!  We have one tree in our front yard and it creates this huge pile - and there are still more leaves to fall!
Cut about seven inches off my hair.  It feels so nice.  I colored it too (I'm starting to find greys...).  You can't really tell in this picture, but it's too red for my taste.  Oh well.  I'm not really a fan of coloring my hair, partly for this reason...but I'm probably going to get some highlights added this week to tone down the red.
Blurry disheveled family picture from the pumpkin patch.  It's a fun tradition that we usually do with some friends of ours but they weren't able to make it this year.  Bummer.  But we had a good time despite my bad mood - hate when I do that :( - and the car that almost ran us over while crossing the street.  The things we do for good looking pumpkins and free hayrides!
Loves his ba-ba and blankie.  We love to snuggle together in the mornings and watch Yo Gabba Gabba (his favorite!) after the girls head off to school.  He loves to "break it down."  I love finding out the little things that he loves so much.  This is the most fun age! 
Learning to hold his bottle!  What?!  It's still more in the propping-it-up phase, but it looks like he may be the earliest bottle holder.  He must have figured out that being the fifth child will require a great deal of initiative on his part :)
She is such an amazing little mama.  She holds Son #2 often while I cook dinner or just need a break, and she loves carrying him around the house.
 and changing his diaper...
and getting him to fall asleep.
She'll even spend time reading with Son #1 while I nurse to he won't head-butt his brother while he's eating.  She's a lifesaver and so helpful.
Son #1 fell asleep during nursery.  Who does that???  Such a sweet boy...
How you doin'...?
 Incredible, huge, full moon the other night.  Breathtaking.
Second Daughter lost her first tooth!!!  She has anxiously been waiting for her first tooth to fall out.  It was a very exciting day!  She was very nervous to pull it out, even though it was hanging by a thread and the adult tooth was already growing in behind it, but a teacher at school known for pulling out loose teeth got her hands on it and viola!  She was so excited.
We had our first girls' night out in a long time.  We went to In-N-Out for dinner and then to see Despicable Me 2.  We laughed a lot!  These girlies are so fun and I was so happy when Husband suggested we go out Friday night while he watched the BYU game.  It was a great chance to reconnect and get goofy with these cuties.
World Series!!!  It has been so fun to cuddle up with Husband at night this week to watch our team play.  And now I must go, because we are turning on Game 3. 

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The Yuan Fam said...

Fun pictures!! Jett and Jake have the same sports sleeper. Maya thought that was really fun that Jett and Jake match. See you this weekend!! Love ya!