Saturday, October 19, 2013

So...Photo Stream

 I really love kissing these cheeks.  I mean, what mom doesn't love kissing her babies' cheeks?  But I especially love these ones.  And now that Son #2 holds his head up well I have very easy access.
Took this selfie after my early run last Tuesday.  I am not an early-morning-worker-outer.  Totally wish I was, but I'm not.  But I try.  So I thought it was worth documenting.  For the next few Tuesdays and Thursdays, until it gets colder than I can stand, I will be out running.  Feels so good to be back out there.
Fall is my favorite!!!  Check out the gorgeous tree that graces our river trail with its presence.  Completely stunning.  Oh how I love love love fall.
Triplet sisters.  They put together these matching outfits one day over fall break.  I love having unscheduled, unorganized, hands-off free time at home.  Such important time for these kiddos to develop meaningful family relationships.  I try to protect that time as much as I can because it will be harder to come by as these kids grow up.  I love that they are entertained by simple things like creating matching outfits and posing for pictures.
This sidewalk drawing turned into portraits of Husband and I as mer-people.  Husband is quite handsome as a merman if I say so myself.
Son #1 has discovered cars.  My windowsill has become his favorite road to drive them on.  We like waiting at this window for the bus to return in the afternoon.  We also like the brilliant yellow tree in our front yard.  (Have I told you I love fall?)
This may be the best neighbor treat I have ever received.  Check out that detail!  These were made by the maker of the best sugar cookies known to man.  I have made him swear to always bring me cookies every time he makes them.  Luckily, he really likes to make them and makes them for almost every holiday.  I totally reap those benefits.
Our favorite Sunday afternoon meeting spot - our playroom floor.  I love this family of mine and love just being with them.  Doesn't even matter what we're doing.  Lately I enjoy the most just sitting and just being together. 

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