Saturday, July 20, 2013

So...38 Weeks and Going Strong

38 weeks pregnant
I don't know that I have ever posted a picture of myself in a bathing suit (at least a full body shot) on the internet anywhere ever and I'm not exactly sure what possessed me to choose to do it now - when I'm 38 weeks pregnant - except that I think this picture is awesome.  And hilarious.  So close to the end, still smiling, still going strong, and belly hanging out.  Look at me go.  Plus, I know that my girls and I will get a kick out of this picture someday.  As beautiful as pregnancy is, it is also pretty hilarious. 
The day after this picture was taken I had a bit of a melt down.  I went to the doctor and he pretty much told me my body is still hanging on to this baby.  He said the baby probably won't come anytime soon (of course that is relatively speaking since my due date is in less than two weeks).  I kept a brave face until I exited the doctor's office and then I cried the entire drive home.  There was nothing I could do to contain it.
I've been hanging on.
I've kept good perspective.
I've kept a positive attitude and haven't complained much.
I've been smiling and plugging away and it hasn't been easy - but I've been doing it. 
And in that moment, I was so done doing it all.  It all came out, how completely done I really am.
But once I got it all out (the entire day was a pretty emotional one), I woke up the next day ready to keep going.  We are so close.  We are hanging on.  We are keeping busy preparing for baby and having fun together as a family.  We are smiling and we are doing pretty good.  And before we know it this little guy will be here and it will be wonderful.  We are so excited to meet our little baby boy.
And I am back to being able to laugh about this ginormous belly I waddle around with. 
It is so crazy, and amazing, what happens to our bodies during pregnancy.
There's not much else you can do but just laugh about it :) may also like::
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