Wednesday, May 15, 2013

So...Camera Shy


One of my favorite things is having updated pictures of my kids.
It makes me so happy.
I try to get their pictures taken at least once a year - more during their first year - and it was time to get all the kiddos' birthday pictures.

I must tell you about Camera Shy.
They are my new favorite find.

These shots our from a photo shoot they took of our kiddos a week ago.
The session was 45 minutes long.  I could pick and choose between backgrounds, group shots, individuals, outfit changes - anything I wanted - in the 45 minute time slot.

After the shoot, we waited 1 hour while they edited the shots.  (We grabbed some lunch while we waited).  When we came back they had a slide show ready for us to view the shots (which all turned out adorable) and I felt zero pressure to buy prints or packages, add embellishments, or anything else that cost extra money.  And to be honest, that made me want to buy prints even more! 
If I wanted to buy prints, they were only $4 per sheet.

The whole experience was only $89 total and that included a CD with 45-50 edited shots that I could take home with me and print whenever I wanted. 
Amazing, right???  I definitely thought so.

There was no sitting fee per child.
There was no extra cost for the copyrights to the photos.
There was no scheme to get me to purchase extra sheets (we're just going to throw out these pictures of your kids we already printed...unless you want to buy them).
There was no wasting of my time looking through montages, borders, special effects, and what-not that I wasn't interested in.
And the sheets that I got printed were ready instantly.  Like in 5 minutes.
It was the most amazing photo shoot experience of my life.

PLUS - they have adorable backgrounds (real backgrounds, not backdrops), cute furniture and props, and bright fun colors to add to your shots.

I really really loved our experience at Camera Shy and feel the need to tell everyone about it!
No, they did not ask me to spread the word, and no I am not getting compensated for posting about this (this isn't that kind of blog anyway :) ).
I just wanted to let you know about this amazing find.
If you live in the area, or are coming in town any time soon, call and schedule an appointment.
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Sandy said...

They are beautiful pictures, Megan.

Kelly said...

I love these pictures!! What beautiful children!

Britt said...

I feel like I say this everytime I see a new picture of your family, but are these grown up little people seriously your kids?!?!?! And now number 5!?? Maureen shot me an email this morning and filled me in on your good news. Wow Megan! You amaze me!