Thursday, April 21, 2011

So...Granola Bars

{picture via Make&Takes}
I have had this recipe for granola bars starred and saved for a year or so. I haven't made them in quite some time and boy have I missed them. They are so very good.

Better than any granola bars I've bought {and cheaper}.
Better than most {not all} cookies.
Easy to make, with ingredients I almost always have on hand.
Triple win.

You can subsitute the mini-M&Ms for anything - I usually do butterscotch + choc. chips, but you could do raisins, craisins, peanuts, reeses pieces, white choc. chips, whatever.
Let your imagination go wild, or use whatever you have on hand.
I imagine they are all equally delicious.

Plus, they can be individually wrapped and packed.
Wouldn't mind one of these babies in your school lunch, would ya?
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Kelly said...

Oooh, these were delicious! Thanks for the recipe!

Julie J. said...

I'm going to try these!

thescotts said...

OH MY YUM!! Wish I would of saw this earlier. I would of made these for Bunco tonight:D

rrluke said...

You know these must be good if it compells me to comment. ;) Soooo yummy! Thanks!