Thursday, May 3, 2012


We have frames on our walls, like most people do, filled with annual pictures of our kids.  I love having updated pictures of the ones I love on the walls of the hallways in our home.  It makes the place feel cozy.

I rotate the pictures about once a year.
Today was the day.
There's something about freshly printed photos that feels so special and a little exciting.
Plus, it was time to get a photo up of Son.

But this post is not about the pictures on the wall.
This post is about what I do with the pictures that come off the wall.
It's not anything fancy, or earth-shatteringly original/creative, but it is very practical and very functional.  And it's a great way to keep those pictures organized.

You ready?

Here's my secret.

I put them in a binder.
And it looks like this:

Nothing fancy, nothing special, nothing impressive - but one of my most prized possessions.

I got the idea from a dear friend of mine who keeps a very similar binder.  She is oh so smart, so I copy her ideas.

I love having a collection of photos of our family over the years.  All in one place.  A photo diary.
And I love how simple it is. 
Take the picture off the wall, then put it in the binder. 
No embellishments, no layouts.  Just simple.

The binder is divided in sections:
Family Portraits.
Christmas Cards.
First Daughter.
Second Daughter.
Third Daughter.


I've also put important documents in there - i.e. my diploma, our pedigree charts, other certificates.  The binder has become a family history book of sorts.  At least until I have the time (and motivation) to do anything more.


Mercedes said...

That is a great idea! Way to simplify things :) I just keep thinking of scrap-booking, but this is a much more realistic thing for me to do! Thanks for sharing :D

MommyMert said...

:) I wanna come over and look at the pictures. Just saying.