Wednesday, March 20, 2013

So...Operation Declutter My Life::Cleaning Bug

I've caught it - the Spring cleaning bug.
Have you?

All this sunshine, warm weather, and decluttering makes me want to clean up and brighten up this house we've been couped up in all winter.

And after a first trimester and a half full of feeling sick, tired, and unmotivated, I am anxious to get things shaped up around here. 
I have finally gotten the kick in the pants I needed to get things going.

Anybody care to join me???

I am no cleaning expert.
Anyone who knows me knows that I try really hard, but it's just not my strength.
I have plenty of other strengths, but cleaning - not so much.
Well, I should saying keeping my house clean.  I do plenty of cleaning.  Trust me.
I like to blame the messiness on the 4 1/2 kids, whether that's the reason or not :)

So I have made a plan for myself - and you, if you want to join me - to follow weekly until I've got this house cleaned top to bottom.  And you know I'll be continuing to declutter through the process.  Perfect opportunity to keep up with my goal to declutter my life.  Yay for multitasking (or is it multigoaling...?).

So keep an eye out for my Spring Cleaning game plan.
It'll probably start Saturday-ish and will go for as many weeks as necessary.

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Thanks for stopping by!


The Yuan Fam said...

I want a place of our own so I can do some of this journey with you!! It actually sounds very satisfying and rewarding. P.S. I've updated our blog with the 'story' if you're interested.

Blanca Douglas said...

Well, spring cleaning isn’t really necessary if one can manage to clean their house regularly, even during the winter. You don’t have to a cleaning expert either, as long you’re aware about the areas that you need to work on. Anyway, I hope your game plan worked out perfectly for you. Cheers!

Blanca Douglas @ Safeclean by Guardsman