Thursday, March 21, 2013

So...My Own Little Rant About Rants

Sometimes I wish there were more people out there talking about the great things about life and the world we live in instead of all the messed up, corrupt things that need to change. 
Don't get me wrong - I'm all for speaking out, spreading awareness, and working to change things that need to be changed, but I think we all could use a higher dose of optimism, contentedness, and gratitude. 
Words of encouragement and inspiration that are productive and can help make things better, not just words that point and stare and whine and complain about the things we are unhappy with.

Life is pretty great - how very imperfect as it is.
Our world is full of so much greatness. 
Of course there is darkness, sorrow, and horrible things - I'm not trying to minimize that truth.
But there also is joy, love, and goodness.  So much more than what is discussed, written about, or sought after.
Remarkable things happen every day!

I want to hear/read more about that.
I would even like to hear/read more of the stories about people making the changes needing to be made rather than just rants and complaints about what's wrong with the world and what everyone is doing wrong.  It just gets so exhausting to read about all the time and really is just a great big downer.

This is one of the reasons I so look forward to Conference every six months (which is coming very soon!).
Words of encouragement, inspiration, and direction that can uplift me, give me productive, inspired instruction, and help me keep the proper perspective on the things that really matter.

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