Tuesday, January 5, 2010


~ you know how some people just rub you the wrong way?
~ ok, maybe I should rather say, some people rub me the wrong way.
~ I shouldn't assume that anyone rubs you the wrong way
~ that is for you to decide
~ anyway....some people rub me the wrong way
~ I wonder who I rub the wrong way
~ not that I rub people
~ I just wonder who I bug.
~ I wonder if I knew about it if I could do anything to change it
~ or are some people just meant to bug each other?
~ I wonder if my house will ever be clean.
~ I tell myself it will get easier when the kiddos grow up
~ I'm not sure that is actually true.
~ will it actually get easier?
~ Anyone...anyone...?
~ maybe my house will be cleaner when the kiddos are older
~ but I doubt things will actually be easier.
~ Do things ever actually get easier?
~ seems to me that things keep getting harder.
~ something about growing up, learning, and progression
~ something like that.
~ my fingers and toes and nose are abnormally cold today.
~ not that has anything to do with people bugging me
~ or about life getting harder
~ I'm just saying
~ it's my blog and I can say what I want to
{{say what I want to}} {{say what I want to}}
~ go ahead
~ sing it.


The Smith Family said...

Oh gosh... I am totally feeling this post today.
I'm gonna say that I think God made certain people... just so that they could "rub" us the wrong way. lol. jk.
I'm going through some "you rub me the wrong way" issues, right now too. blahh. Why is drama... so dramatic.?

I'm here to tell you... I am a witness... It get's easier. As your kids get bigger, it gets a lot easier to keep things tidy. But you have to do your part too.
I tell my girls... "Mommy just made that bed... that makes me sad when you ruin all my hard work... it's not very nice/thougtfull... huh?"

They usually respond with... "sorry mom" and then mess it up again, the next day... but for instance... today... they were playing in their room. And I knew that they were messing up their beds that I just made... when I heard one of them say..."We should clean this up, to make Mom SOOOO happy!"
And they did!!... well, they cleaned it up as well as two 4 year olds and one 2 year old could... and I left it that way, gave them a BIG hug and told them THANK YOU for cleaning up their messes!
I don't know about your kids, but mine LOVE positive reinforcement!! So whenever I make a REALLY big deal about something... if it's trying to make a bed, or putting their dirty cup in the dishwasher... I always make sure to stop what I'm doing, and make a BIG deal of it.
Lately it's all been about the girls waking themselves up to go to the bathroom, all by themselves, in the middle of the night. We don't have many accidence's, at all, but we had about 2 this past month, so now, when they wake up... I do a little "nobody can see me, but my girls" Mommy freakout dance, to show them HOW HAPPY mommy is that they didn't pee, and I don't have to do an extra load of laundry!!! They think it's SO funny, and let's be honest... it kind of gets my tired, bod up and going in the morning. LOL
NO, if we ever hang out... I will NOT show you my "moves" :) sorry. haha.
Okay, well I'm rambling. All my girls are asleep, and I'm avoiding doing much else right now.
I just have to tell you that I went to an Enrichment activity a few months back, where we had a psychologist come speak. And she explained to us how YOU are the ONLY one who can choose how YOU feel.
Nobody can MAKE you feel ANYTHING. People can be mean, or awful, and only WE can CHOOSE to be mad, or disappointed.... Happy, or content. So when those certain people "rub me" the wrong way, I try to remember that... and at least TRY to MAKE myself feel and think about the OTHER things in life that are SO much more important! Even though it's hard, because those people bugging you is sometimes what you REALLY want to dwell on....I think it's just human nature.
Did that make sense... hopefully.
k... well, that's MY novel.
Have a good one!

Maya in Rexburg said...

I hope we aren't the ones that rub you the wrong way? We did just leave your home! Yikes!

Meg said...

Oh my goodness NO! This wasn't even in reference to anyone specifically - I was just thinking. Mostly, I was wondering who I might rub the wrong way.

We LOVE having you here and always wish you can stay longer.

MommyMert said...

So... who rubbed you wrong. Its your blog... be honest. hhahaha... loved this blog. Seriously.. loved it. Bueller. hahahaha...

The Hungry said...

It does get easier - when they leave. Then of course, it is all the more pronounced the untidiness when they come back and still have the same habits they had when they left. But - I must say - they generally are more cooperative to clean up something when you ask them to - as they should be being the adults that they are.

I did sing it.