Saturday, May 12, 2012

So...Swim Party

Cubby went swimming for the first time yesterday.
He loved it.
He looked like such a little stud in his Hawaiian print swim trunks.

Cookie went crazy in the water like she always does.
She wasn't phased in the least about falling under water and not being able to get her head back up on her own.  She was rescued over and over with a giant smile on her face.

Bug is the cautious one.  She tiptoes around the shallow end with a life jacket on and a nervous giggle.  She likes to play and splash around, but prefers not to get her face too wet.

Bear was the birthday party girl, and was in heaven celebrating with her friends at her favorite indoor pool.  Even though the big water slide (her favorite) was out-of-order, she still had a blast.  It sure helped that Dad was in the water and was giving rides for free.  :)

We have decided that birthday parties at the indoor pool might be the best idea we've had in a while. 
The kids entertain themselves and there's no cleanup.  I'm telling you - best party idea ever.

What are your plans for Mothers' Day tomorrow?
On the docket for us:
::morning cuddles
::visit Grandma Bonita's grave with flowers
::call the Moms
::more cuddles

It's going to be great.

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