Saturday, March 16, 2013

So...16 Favorites

01::homework/laundry time together at the kitchen table.
02::fleece lined leggings.  so cozy.
03::dreaming about home projects.
04::fresh paint.
05::inspiring acts of service and love.
06::quiet nights before bedtime.
07::two birthday girls in one week.
09::husband complimenting my outfit.
10::our living room decor finally coming together.
11::Son walking with a smile on his face.
12::laughing with my kids.
13::effortless friendships.
14::date nights.  (will always be a favorite)
15::an anticipated visit from leprachuans.
16::we're having a BOY!

Yes, Baby #5 it's on its way.
We are beyond thrilled :)

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The Yuan Fam said...

I love reading your favorites list. It helps me remember some of the stuff I'm thankful for. Thanks for sharing!!!

Christina said...

Meg! Congratulations! 5 is a big inner struggle for me- I'll be keeping tabs to see how things go for you. I'm so excited for you! And that you'll have a buddy for your other little guy!

Mercedes said...

Oh Congratulations!!!! Another boy that is so exciting!!! :)

MommyMert said...

Woot! Woot!!