Sunday, February 10, 2013

So...Now That That's Over...

Sorry about leaving that last dramatic post up for so long.
Not my intent at all!
But sometimes life gets busy, sometimes I get motivated to do things other than blogging :), and sometimes time just goes by faster than I realize.

Good news is - Second Daughter is healthy and back to her normal self.
Thank goodness.

There's not really a whole lot to report on.
Found out some serious news from some dear friends yesterday and it's hard to think of much else.
It does, however, remind me how grateful I am for my family, my friends, my faith, and love.
Those really are the things that matter the most.
Sometimes things happen that don't make any sense at all, but those four gifts are anchors that can help us through. 

My heart is full of lots of emotions, but mostly love. 
Love for our friends and love for our Savior.
I know He is watching over, protecting, and comforting their sweet family.

I was thankful to be at church today.
I felt Heavenly Father's love so strongly, as many others did as well.
It is such a gift to know, and to feel, love from Him.

Happy Sunday everyone.
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