Tuesday, January 29, 2013

So...I'd Be Ok If That Never Happens Again

Remember when Third Daughter had a fever seizure a little over two years ago?
Well, today it happened again - to Second Daughter.
And let me just say, for the record, I do not like seizures.
Not one little bit.

Today was Second Daughter's second day home from school with a fever.
This morning she woke up worse than yesterday.  On fire.
I took her temperature at around 8:30 am and it was 105.1.  No exaggeration.
I have never seen a fever that high.
I gave her children's Tylenol and called the doctor. 
I didn't even know a person could have a temp of 105 and still be conscious.
The nurse on the line said that since she didn't have any other symptoms the doctor usually doesn't need to see a child until they have a temperature over 104 for three days and the fever doesn't break with meds.  I decided to wait a bit and monitor her fever. 
The Tylenol didn't do anything.
A friend of mine brought over some essential oils to rub on her to help bring the fever down.
Second Daughter was also able to swallow a 200 mg ibuprofen pill.
Five minutes later, when I was checking her temperature again, she started seizing.

I scooped her up in my arms and reached for the phone.
I called 911.
It really is instinctual when your child is turning blue, not breathing, and is non-responsive in your arms. You just call 911.
Still seizing, my sweet baby was struggling to breath and turning white/blue.
I tried to keep it together, comfort Second Daughter, and explain to the operator what we needed.

Even though it had happened before with Third Daughter, it still was so scary.
The nice woman on the other end of the line helped talk me through it and helped keep me calm.
I was frantically texting Husband at the same time.
Today he had decided to ride with a coworker to work.  He didn't have a car.  Of course.

By the time the paramedics came the seizure was over and she was pretty restful in my arms, coming in and out of consciousness.
Still non-responsive, but breathing.
They monitored her pulse and gave her oxygen.
Husband had called some neighbors to come over and give her a blessing.

We live in a wonderful neighborhood - no one can have an ambulance in front of their house without getting immediate response and offers to help in any way possible.
The response was overwhelming.  (In a very good way).
One neighbor took Third Daughter.  Another took Son.  Another gave me a ride to the hospital.  Another insisted on making dinner.  A coworker gave Husband a ride home and he met us at the hospital.  I received lots of texts of concern and offers to help.

We were very well taken care of and so very grateful.
We are surrounded by so many wonderful people.

At the hospital they tested for infections.
Everything they tested for turned out negative and the doctor concluded that she had a virus.
By the time we left her fever was back to normal.
She was still acting very out of it, but she was OK.
We just need to keep fluids in her and keep her fever down.

Even though I knew she was having a seizure due to a fever, it still scared me to death.
Even though I know she is going to be fine, I'm still worried out of my mind.
Watching my kid have a seizure is definitely on my list of least favorite things ever.

I am just so glad that she is OK and that she seems to be improving.
I am just not prepared or ready to consider any other possible outcome.

And I'd definitely be OK if this never happens to any of our kids again.

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Danial Garcia said...

Your community is really great for being there for you like that! It must be nice. Look around for doctors or hospitals who respond quicker.

MommyMert said...

Oh Miss Megan... I cant even imagine. Thinking of you this am. So sorry.

Kelly said...

Oh megan...I'm so sorry you had to go through that again! I'm so glad everything is okay though. Just the thought of seeing 105 on the thermometer scares to me pieces. She is one lucky kiddo to have you as her mom!