Thursday, February 14, 2013

So...I Love You To Reeses Pieces

Making candy grams is one of my favorite traditions.
I have so much fun making them and even more fun watching my family read them.

Dear Katie~
YORK a SWEETHEART!  I SKORed big time with you! Being
your MoM makes me so happy I want to MAMBA.  You are the
brightest STARBURST in my whole MILKYWAY.  I wouldn't trade
you for the world!  You are so awesome.  I DOVE you to (reeses)PIECES!
Love, Mom

Dear McKenna~
I love you to (reeses)PIECESYORK a SWEETHEART.  You are a
STARBURST and we SKORed getting you in our family.  Being your
MoM makes me want to MAMBA.  I love that you try new things and
can't wait to hear you play in a SYMPHONY someday.  I DOVE you
so much!
Love, Mom

Dear Brooke~
I DOVE you so much!  You are a STARBURST in my life.  You are so
funny you make me SKITTLES.  I love being your MoMYORK a
SWEETHEART!  I love when you MAMBA and shake your booty.  :)
We SKORed with you!  I love you to (reeses)PIECES!
Love, Mom

Dear Dave~
I DOVE you so much!  YORK my MR.GOODBAR and my LIFESAVER.
You and me make a pretty great DUO.  With me as the MoM and you as
the SUGAR DADDY we make some pretty awesome SUGAR BABIES.
You are my ALMOND JOY, my numero U-NO, and you make me
SNICKERS.  PLUS you're one HOT TAMALE!  I love you to (reeses)PIECES!
Love, Meg
What do you do for Valentine's Day?
Do you have any traditions?
Tonight is date night with my birthday man.
Can't wait. may also like::
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Kelly said...

I love these! Dave's is probably my favorite! You're so creative Meg!

Autumn said...

Loved this. Youre so fun!