Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday Memories 033::Christmas Edition

Christmas 2011

Last year, as part of our Christmas Eve in San Jose, Santa Claus visited us!
Father-Inlaw dressed the part and had all the grandkids (and some of the adults) climb on his knee to tell him what they wanted for Christmas. 

Both Second and Third Daughters didn't recognize their grandpa.  They thought he was the real Santa and could not take their eyes off him.  Second Daughter was a little more timid and kept her distance most of the time.  Third Daughter wasn't shy and climbed right on his knee.  It was so fun to see the magic in their eyes at the sight of jolly old St. Nick.

Second Daughter has always been our most timid one - which isn't saying much because we do not make shy kids.  But she definitely stayed close to me until she was sure about that guy in red.

When I finally spilled to Second Daughter that it was in fact her gramps, she was excited to climb on his knee and whisper in his ear her Christmas wish.  She couldn't stop giggling when she realized what was going on. 

Santa's visit was one of the many things that made Christmas in 2011 so memorable.
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