Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday Memories 009: Preg Meg

Preg Meg, February 2009
This was me this time last year, 30-something weeks pregnant. By the time you're pregnant with number three, it's harder to keep track.
I can hardly believe that my sweet, precious angel, Third Daughter is going to turn one in a few weeks. This year truly has flown by. It really does not feel that long ago that I was that exhausted, uncomfortable, unable to calculate my due date on the spot, larger than humanly possible, glowing with excitement and anticipation, pregnant woman that you see above. I almost feel like I can't breathe looking at that picture.
And going through this first year of third baby, I can proudly and honestly admit that I am getting a little better at this each time. Not so much that I am a better mom, or that I know anything more about how to better or more quickly adjust as each little one is added to our family. Having a baby is always a difficult, wonderful, joyful, and nerve-racking experience. Quite plainly, it is overwhelming in the very best and worst of ways.
But what I can say, is that with each child I am getting better at understanding myself, recognizing what I can and can't do, realizing my limits, admitting I need help when I need it, accepting it, and learning to stay positive, be a little more patient, and complain a little less. (only a little) These are all things that I will continue to learn and improve on for the rest of my life. I have no doubt about that. But these are the things that motherhood has taught me. In one simple word, motherhood has taught me (or rather, is teaching me) to be humble.


Hannah said...

Is she really one??? I would have guessed 6 months. Wow...time really goes quickly.

You are darling pregnant!

Autumn said...

I completely agree. You do a great job at expressing what you feel. I'm envious!