Sunday, January 16, 2011

So...16 Favorites

01::new blank journal. wide open spaces just for me to fill.
02::unexpected inspiration from unexpected places.
03::saving every penny for a not-so-distant dream.
04::glittery heart hanging on my front door.
05::filling in birthdays and events in our empty 2011 calendar.
06::three framed originals of my three daughters.
07::a much needed date with Second Daughter.
08::bedtime reading time for the whole family.
09::tablespoon of peanut butter in my vanilla protein shakes. mmm.
10::interpreting for Third Daughter.
11::a peach sunset.
12::watching home movies.
13::holding Husband's hand walking aimlessly around the mall. a perfect date.
14::resolutions for the new year.
15::a new toy (lens) to play with.
16::a hug from a dear friend.


Autumn said...

I love that you find the joy in simple things. I need to do more of that. I love filling empty calendars too.

Andrea Busath said...

You got a new lens!? Which one?!