Saturday, July 25, 2009

So...Resolutions Revisited

Since 2009 is more than half over, I thought it was about time I reviewed my resolutions and recommitted myself.

Resolutions 2009:
1.) lose baby weight
Hmmm...I am still working on this one. I unfortunately am not one of those mothers that loses the weight quickly and/or easily. In fact, my body fights to keep the weight on while I'm nursing, so I do what I can with what I've got. On a more positive note, I have lost half of my weight. Too bad I have 20 lbs to go... I'll just keep reminding myself it's already half gone. Positive thinking is the key :) I have started running though and have a goal to lose 5-10 lbs before our cruise in September.

2.) daily scripture study
I must say, I was doing GREAT with this one for a long time, but definitely need to recommit myself. I made a plan - Mon/Wed/Fri Book of Mormon; Tues/Thurs D&C - which worked really well and read at the same time every day. It was working really well. Somehow I have not been very consistent lately, but like I said - I'm recommitting.

3.) be a better friend
This one is a little hard to measure, but I can say that I am still trying. I do still think about this daily, which I consider a success. I still could be doing better, but I am trying. At least I can say I haven't lost any friends!

4.) write the second letter
I am working on this one. Almost done.

5.) organize garage for food storage/emergency preparedness sad as it is, I think this one may be put off until next year. Our plan was to build shelves in the garage this spring/summer, but it just hasn't happened and I don't see it happening anytime soon. Who knows? Perhaps we will be motivated to do it in the fall. But most likely next year.

6.) go camping
Again, who knows if this will happen this year. It may turn into a campout in our backyard. Apparently our family keeps getting bigger and our tent doesn' I don't know if we could make a camping trip work with the supplies we have. But I would love to still try.

7.) date nights
I lost track of how often we actually go on dates, but we have been doing a decent job at this. I think we have gone out on a date at least once a month, and we do a good job at spending time together when we can. Now with three kids, it's a bit harder, but still doable and still necessary (if not more). Again, I'm going to recommit to this goal. I think it is the most important one.

8.) breakfast
We are doing SO MUCH BETTER at this one. I prepare breakfast for the kiddos every morning. Sometimes they still don't eat it, but at least it's there and at least I'm being consistent. These waffles have helped recently.

So how are you all doing on your resolutions?
It's never too late to recommit.
And it's never too late to add to and/or change your list.

I may just add wake up before my kids but I'm afraid that might be setting the bar a little too high for myself. You should never set an unrealistic goal for yourself right? ;)
No, seriously... I need to figure out how to get my lazy self out of bed in the mornings one of these days.


Autumn said...

I think my body holds onto the weight when I'm nursing too. So....frustrating. ;)
I need to recommit to some of those things too. Love your blog btw.

MommyMert said...

skip the letter and use facebook. :)

lets go camping next weekend. I know where we can borrow you up some equipment.

Julie J. said...

I would love a post about THE letter... I'm so nosy!