Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Memories 027: Hannah's Big Day

My next guest blogger is my friend and neighbor, Hannah. Hannah is darling - beautiful, sweet, thoughtful, ambitious, hard-working, faithful, poised, and incredibly creative. She is a wonderful mother, and a fun friend. I have loved getting to know her better in the past few years and appreciate her friendship so much. I always feel good after leaving a conversation with Hannah. She is genuine and I love that about her.

I've told you before how inspired I am by Hannah from Sherbet Blossom. She is the reason {whether she knew it at the time or not} that I took the plunge into starting my own personal blog - and she has continued to encourage me every step of the way.

Her blog is a favorite - of mine and of many. She writes about finding the joy in the little things of motherhood and family life, as well as beauty tips, crafts, and great giveaways. If you haven't been to Sherbet Blossom before, make sure to check it out.

Making that big of a commitment was scary, especially at age 19. My parents and I loaded in the car early on a Thursday morning, with my puffy, princess-esqe dress in a giant garment bag. I was hours away from marrying my best friend.

The night before, my family sat around the living room talking, excitement and worry for the next day was thick in the air. I received a father's blessing. My dad told me that I would be happy in this union I was about to enter. He told me that he loved me and that my Heavenly Father was happy with my decisions.

I tossed and turned in bed that night. 90% excitement. 10% apprehension. I looked around my room. It was a bit surreal to think I was leaving a stage of my life to start a new one with Jason. I was finally comforted when I set aside my worries of "what" was going to happen the next say and focused on the "who" it was happening with. I knew I loved him. I had no doubt in my mind that Jason was the one for me.

The drive to the temple seemed an eternity. My dad teased me. "This is your last chance, Hannah! No backing out after we get there!" I laughed and rolled my eyes at my dad. I was appreciative of the contentment and peace I had received the night before. I didn't want to back out. I had my eye on the prize. Jason truly is a prize.

We knelt across from each other in the temple, promising the other that we would love them for eternity. Jason and I walked hand-in-hand from the temple that day, and we haven't let go since. Marrying Jason was the best decision I ever made.

Oh, how I love happy endings. Thank you Hannah for sharing this sweet story!

Are you interested in sharing your story for a future Monday Memories? You are more than welcome to! Email me at may also like:
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Hannah said...

Thanks for having me, Meg!

Sarah said...

You know, it may seem cliche to say your wedding was one of your best memories - but no doubt about it with Hannah. I really haven't seen a much happier couple than the two of them. They have been married for less than 10 years, and seem like pros already! They are going to be that couple in their 80's that all people in their 20's dream of becoming.

Hannah said...

Sarah-you are the best little sister ever.

Chris said...

What a sweet memory to share. You can feel the happiness coming out of Hannah's blog...even when times are less than ideal.

Meg said...

I agree Sara - Hannah and Jason are a great couple. I'm so glad to have them as friends.

And Chris, I also agree about Hannah's blog - so uplifting!

Thanks again Hannah for sharing.

Sassy Sarah said...

I love the line... "and we haven't let go since." Makes me smile. :)

Christina said...

What a great memory!