Thursday, March 31, 2011

So...Waterfall in Maine

Waterfall in Maine

Continuously running along veiny pathways;
Braided through birch and pine and oak;
Pouring your exhaustion into a pool of collected tears;
Protected by a maze of bodies with semi-permeable arms
That block the way to your hidden face.
Your mysterious beauty lay beneath layers of forest,
Gradually peeled away with each penetrating step I take.
A long kept secret stripped from your reflective black shield.
When my naked toe pierces through its membrane
Your cold clammy fingers tentatively wrap around me,
Forcefully tightening your grip, you pull me in.
My body enclosed by your overwhelming darkness
Tightens at the realization of inferiority.
You stare at me through your one way window
Blocking your soul with my reflection.
My eyes are left locked and speechless
At your humble omnipotence
Kept secret by your loving mother

March 1999
written for 10th grade English
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