Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday Memories 020: Third Daughter

March, 2009I became a mother to three.

Third Daughter's birth was a scheduled induction. We were trying to avoid her sharing a birthday with Second Daughter. We wanted to make sure she was born before my mom flew in from Boston a few days later. On top of that, I wanted to make sure my doctor was the one to deliver her. After all, he had delivered the other two. When doc presented the option to induce, I took it.

I dropped First and Second Daughter off at my cousin's house the night before the induction. I cried the whole way home.

I kept thinking about how everything was going to be different the next time I saw them. Again, I worried how our relationships would change. All I wanted was to spend my last moments as a mother of two snuggled up and rocking in the big blue chair, whispering in their ears how much I loved them. I wanted to make sure they knew that nothing - not even a brand new, adorably irresistible baby - would change that.

We arrived at the hospital at 6:00 am. I immediately was given an epidural and started on pitocin. I assumed the delivery would be fast. I had been induced with my first {14 hours} and my second came so fast {3 1/2 hours - no induction}. I figured the third time around would be even faster. I was wrong.

At 5:00 pm I was still sitting and waiting. Husband and I were so bored all day. Like I said, we thought it would be fast. We didn't plan anything to pass the time. This was not smart.

At 5:30 pm, the nurse came to check on me. I still was only 5 cm dilated. No less than a minute after she left I felt things change drastically. It was then I remember how fast things progressed toward the end of my first birth {also an induction}. I knew she was coming fast. I paged the nurse who said she was sure we had some time. I assured her we didn't.

At 5:40 pm, the doctor arrived. Five minutes and two pushed later, Third Daughter was born. It was just as much a miracle as the First and Second. And I was just as emotional.

There is no way to describe how it feels to bring a child into the world. There is no way to express the amount of love - for the child, for my husband, for & from Heavenly Father - that is felt in that moment right after birth. There is no way to explain how everything happens so fast, and yet time stands still, when that baby is placed in your arms. There just is no way.

The only word that comes to mind is JOY.
Becoming a mother - whether for the first, second, or third time - is pure joy.

I absolutely love being a mother to three girls. I feel extremely blessed. All three of my daughters are gifts.

Third Daughter has always been my angel baby. I couldn't have asked for a better third child. She fit right into our family like she always has been here. I'm pretty sure she has.

She is full of so much personality. She is tender hearted. She is loving and snuggly. She loves it when we are all together as a family - especially for a family hug. She brings so much happiness and joy into my life. I love her to pieces.

I can hardly believe that my third baby girl will be two this week. I just want her to stay like this forever. may also like:
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Kelly said...

What a beautiful post Megan...thanks for sharing.

MommyMert said...

I (heart) this post... well put. Cant believe its been 2 years. Time is so surreal when talking about little ones. YOu are such a good example to me. Thanks for sharing these thoughts.
ps, Katies new hair cut... so cute!