Tuesday, March 15, 2011

So...Mommy Next To Her Baby

I tiptoe down the hallway
to the playroom and peek my head in.
I like to watch you in your world
with your ponies all in a row.
You talk to them in your small sweet voice
and gently place them one by one
so carefully. I'm not ready for you to know
I'm here. For now
I just want to watch
long enough to breathe in this moment
so I can remember.
You must have felt my eyes watching
because you look up at me
with your beaming eyes and cheeks
that always melt me.
You wave me over and show me a seat
right next to you so I can play ponies too.
The game is to line them up one by one
on the armrest of the futon
and then to watch.
I place the mommy next to her baby.
Then I feel your head rest gently
on the side of my arm.
While we watch.

April 18, 2009
Poetic Asides PAD: Day 18 - interaction poem.

Happy Birthday Second Daughter!

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♥ Nadine ♥ said...

What cute little girls you have!! :) You must be very proud!!

If you want to swap postcards - just send me an email. I'm delighted you're in... :)

Patricia Anne McGoldrick said...

Beautiful poem! I could picture it so well as I recall how much fun my daughter had when playing with her little ponies.
These years are a treasure which you are capturing in your writing. Great!