Wednesday, March 16, 2011

So...16 Favorites

01::scheduled posts lined up in a row.
02::books about writing.
03::writing about writing.
04::old friends that are still around.
05::celebrating two kiddos birthdays.
06::falling back in love with blogging.
07::budding tulips.
08::hearing an old favorite song on the radio.
09::quiet time alone in the house.
10::sleeping in sweatpants.
12::red mango.
13::the way Third Daughter says, "Peese, Mom-mom."
14::a king sized bed
15::dreaming of springtime.
16::moving into a new house. may also like:
::So...Saturday Morning always a favorite.
::So...Second Daughter Sings melts my heart.
::So...Yum oh yes, now i remember.

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1 comment:

Autumn said...

Jealous you have a king size bed. 9 is my all time favorite, and 12. :)