Friday, March 18, 2011

So...In The Bag

I've never been a very tidy person.
Cleaning always has, and still is, a chore.

I try really hard to keep my house clean.
I prefer my house to be clean and tidy and orderly.
It helps to reduce stress, and so I try.
Sometimes I do an OK job.

But there are two places that never are clean.
1::my car.
2::my purse.

Today I cleaned out my purse.

If it's true that you can tell a lot about a woman from what's in her purse, I'm not sure what this says about me... {my purse loving friends are probably going to question our friendship right about now}


This is what I found -

::1 pair of mittens
::2 hats
::2 magazines
::2 old shopping lists
::2 tampons
::lots of crumpled receipts
::lip gloss {I was looking everywhere for this!!!}
::2 pair of socks
::1 book
::pampered chef chip clips
::expired coupons
::old perscription {never filled}
::recipe for pumpkin choc. chip muffins
::flower pin
::toy butterfly
::3 squishies
::2 rocks
::broken crayons
::22 cents
::matchbox car
::six small toy animals {cow, sheep, dog, lion, moose, pig}
::lots of changes and misc. things stuck under the lining of the purse {???!!!}

I felt like Marry Poppins with her bottomless carpet bag.
All I need is a lamp.

I don't think I need to say that most of the things were removed from my bag and transferred to the garbage.

This is all that's left::

Besides the jingling of random change that I can't remove from the lining of my purse, I feel like a new woman carrying my organized {and much lighter} purse.

Now I'm good for a few days until my purse gets trashed again.
Then it's survival mode until next year when I clean it out again. may also like:
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Kelly said...

This post is hilarious!

A purse of a mother, that's for sure!

thescotts said...

Ok, first, what in the world are you doing with that wallet still?!?!? You NEED to use your new one:D heeeheee!
Totally kidding you. And, as one of your purse loving friends, my purse looks like that every week. Yesterday when I cleaned mine out, I found a apple core. AN APPLE CORE?!?! That is disgusting!! I set aside an afternoon once a week to clean out my purse and car. If I don't, I look like a bag lady, or someone who lives in their car. LOVE your blog and YOU!

Casey said...

So stinkin' funny! And I love that you just frankly admit that you don't think you are very tidy (though, aside from the purse fragments I would disagree with you) - I hope to be able to confidently admit that someday - k, so maybe I just admitted it - but alas, it is without confidence!!

Across the Lake Eerily said...

Meg, my wife always complains that she can never find anything in her purse. I say, "Buy a bigger purse". She did. Unfortunately, it turned into a George Carlin routine. Now she has a bigger purse, she has to carry "more stuff". She complains she can never find anything. Samsonite luggage would be an improvement over what she carried now. She scares me.

Autumn said...

I could've written this post. I'm exactly the same! Still laughing at Kelly's apple core commment. LOL