Monday, July 14, 2014

So...Magical Moments

I had one today.
One of those magical moments that you want to freeze in time forever / that seem to be in slow motion / when the memories being made are almost tangible / that you never want to forget, down to every little detail.
I had one today.
It was when I was pushing these two boys on the swings after an hour running through the splash pad - huge smiles and pure joy on their faces.  I realized how much I love these kiddos, at this time, at this age, at this point in my life. 
I never want to forget my children like this - running carefree through the splash pad water :: making new friends instantly :: flying across the monkey bars :: hugging each other and laughing together as water sprays in their faces and up their noses :: losing their breath as they run through the freezing cold waterfall :: kissing those squishy cheeks :: giving underdogs over and over again :: involuntary laughing and giggling :: playing so hard until they crash :: soaking in the sun :: sneaking sips of my diet coke when I'm not looking (or so they think) :: thinking sitting on top of the water sprayer is the most hilarious thing in the world :: spending our days together :: being the center of their world :: filling my heart with one smile :: being so happy and not knowing if I'm gonna laugh or cry about it.
These moments are the best and are such a gift. 
I know I'm gonna miss this and I'm so trying to soak in every second. may also like::
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