Wednesday, April 9, 2014


So it's that time again.
Training for another half marathon.
This time around there are two more friends I'm training with and it's so fun.

Our early morning discussions and pep talks about entering the world of running and tackling a half marathon for the first time have reminded me of some of my most profound and meaningful lessons I have learned while running.   I want to write them down so I don't forget -

1) We are capable of so much more than we know.
2) Trust the process.  It works. 
3) When the finish line seems overwhelming or daunting, just look at the ground in front of you and keep moving forward.
4) Everybody's experience will be different - different things hurt at different times, on different days, in different ways.  Everyone has good and bad running days.
5) Line upon line, precept upon precept, one step at a time, one mile at a time.
6) The biggest and sometimes hardest step is making the decision to start.
7) There is power in positive thinking and positive speaking and sometimes you need to hear it from the person next to you.
8) Exercise is so good for the soul.
9) It's an amazing feeling to see how far you've come - even if there's still a long way to go :)
10) It's not about winning. 
11) I never regret doing it, but I might regret not doing it.
12) Make it a priority and it will happen.
13) Our body's are incredible machines!
14) Complaining will never make it less hard.  In fact, it's more likely to make it harder for me and the people I'm running with.
15) Running faster than I'm able makes running much harder than it needs to be and increases the risk of injury. (Remember #10)
16) It always feel great to push myself and accomplish something hard.

Oh how I love running - and I am so grateful that my body works and that I am able to run.
Finishing up week three of our 13 week training schedule and it's feeling great.
So grateful that I have found this hobby and some friends who like it too.

If you've ever thought about trying running, just do it! 
I dare you :)
Here's a place to start.
You won't regret it! 

From that day on, if I was goin' somewhere, I was run-ning!
(man that's a good movie - might have to bust out the archives)

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