Tuesday, November 26, 2013

So...Photo Dump

I thought it would be a good time for a little documentation of every day things that make life so wonderful :)

First of all...this little man has stolen my heart.  He is so easy to love - squishy, smiley, cuddly, and extra cute.  Those cheeks!  He's been spending some time lately in the exer-saucer.  He loves it! 
Third Daughter has fun with her baby brother during the day.  She thought this was so funny - he has elf ears :)
We enjoyed the last few park days of the year.  I absolutely love going to the park on chilly fall afternoons.  And it felt good to ditch the homework/practicing/chore routine and just enjoy the warm sunshine at the park.  (Still can't believe there are five of those little ones...)
Not too long after our park days, we had a few cold, rainy days.  One morning we woke up to a little bit of snow.  The Daughters and Son #1 decked themselves in their snow gear - snow pants and all - to go play in the less-than-one-inch of snow on the ground.  It was hilarious.  First Daughter even made this miniature snowman.  I guess they are anxious for winter (they didn't get that from me!).
Son #1 makes me laugh (and sometimes cry - but mostly laugh) everyday.  He is so funny!  And it is so fun seeing more of his personality come out everyday.  Here are some things he's doing lately::
Turns on the tub.  And apparently drinks from it too.
(Better that than the toilet!)
Pours his snacks on his lap in the car.  Sometimes he pours them into his cup holders.
It's messy, but it's his way and it makes sense to him, so I let him do it.
And I think it's adorable :)
Not really sure what his plan was here...
He waits on our front step for the moon. 
The moon rises over the mountains and he knows this, so he waits and watches.
And he waits for it to get "gark" for this is when the moon appears.
He actually gets quite upset when I try to get him off that step and come inside.
This activity is very important to him.
He also waits for the bus.  He LOVES buses.
 He also loves riding the vacuum :)
 And apparently his little brother too...
This picture of Jesus is on the wall in our kitchen behind Son #1's highchair.  I love that there are finger prints all over it.  Every time Son #1 stands up in his high chair (which scares me to death and I wish he wouldn't do) he points to this picture and says "Jeees" which kind of sounds like "cheese" but means "Jesus."  I love that.  And I love those finger prints.
When the Daughters heard that Grandma Joy was in the hospital and that she might die, they decided to make cards for me take to her when I went to visit.  Second Daughter made this card.  The inside says (in her own spelling) "Dear Grandma, I hope you have a great time in heaven."  She wanted Grandma to have that before she died.  Quite possibly the sweetest thing ever.  First Daughter saw the card and told Second Daughter she shouldn't write that because Grandma Joy might not die.  Second Daughter was embarrassed so she ripped it and scribbled it out.  I kept it, and gave it to Grandma Joy in the hospital.  Second Daughter has the most tender heart.
I'm sure Grandma is having a great time in heaven.
First Daughter had her first school choir performance for the school Veteran's Day assembly.
It was so fun to watch!  Here she is with a couple of her cute friends.
Two of my siblings and my parents were able to come in to for Grandma's funeral.  We went out Saturday night to Station 22 and Comedy Sportz in Provo Center.  We had a great time! 
Good food, good people, good time, great memory. 
"Mom, will you hug me and take a picture?"
Yes Third Daughter, I'd love to.
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The Yuan Fam said...

It's always nice to get important pictures onto somewhere other than the camera or even a photo houser.

I love that first picture of Jake...exer-saucers are the best!!

Kathy said...

I love it when you photo dump!