Tuesday, August 20, 2013

So...Let Me Introduce

Son #2
8 lb. 11 oz., 19 inches long
Born: Tuesday, July 30th @ 6:45 pm
The delivery was long and slow, but once he decided it was time he came pretty quickly.
Besides being all tangled in his umbilical cord and being born with a bruised and swollen face, everything went smoothly.  The nurses were worried about his oxygen levels and my bleeding for a few hours, but everything was well and good by bedtime.  We both just needed him snuggled in my arms and then things were just fine.   
There were many emotions in that moment Son #2 was born.  We felt complete.  This little boy has been nudging us to bring him into our family and it felt wonderful to finally have him here.
So in love.  So full.  So thankful.  So blessed.
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Mercedes said...

Congrats megan! He is a cutie, glad to hear you guys are doing well, and everything sorted itself out.

Autumn said...

So sweet :)