Friday, May 17, 2013

So...Right Now...

Right now First Daughter...
::is looking and acting so grown up.
::is honest about life being tough as the oldest, but she bears the responsibility very well.
::is so loving and so helpful with her little brother - she will be a natural mother someday.
::is confident in who she is and what she does.  she doesn't worry about impressing others.
::is excelling at school, piano, soccer, and softball.
::is a caring and thoughtful friend.  
::is sensitive to other people's feelings.  
::thinks deeply about life.  asks mature questions about God, relationships, and life.
::requires thorough explanations on why things are they way they are.  is learning how to be ok when she can't always get this explanation.
::is a really good negotiator.
::is twitterpated over a special someone.  i love that she talks to me about it.
::tries to improve her relationships with others and is learning that she can't control other people's feelings and actions.
::writes in her journal about things that affect her - things that excite her, things that frustrate her, things she hopes for, and things that are meaningful.  she is good at describing her feelings.
::writes funny stories.
::has a special relationship with her dad that i hope never fades.
::is taking preparation for baptism very seriously and asks important, thoughtful questions about this decision of hers.
::believes that God answers her prayers.  she quickly turns to prayer when she is scared, hurt, lonely, or needing help.
::is reading Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets.  i love being able to talk books with her.
::loves to listen to Pandora and knows the name and artist of almost every song on the radio.
::can almost always be found with a few hair elastics on her wrist.
::is an athlete and outdoors girl who also loves to get her hair curled, nails painted, and makeup done.
::loves to chat before bed.
::is our Brown Eyed Girl.
::loves to watch Once Upon a Time with me.
::loves having dance parties.
::is planning and scheming a backyard bash for her friends (and more!).
::is such a joy in our family and a great example to us all.
::is loved and adored by her family.
::is growing up before our eyes. may also like::
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Becca said...

I love your blog! I love how you wrote all this about Katie. It will be so nice to look back at in the future. You're such a good mom!