Thursday, January 10, 2013

So...This Blew My Mind

found on pinterest, original source unknown

It was one of those moments when I read a quote that was the perfect culmination of so many thoughts I have had and goals I have made that I felt like throwing my hands in the air and shouting out "YES! YES! YES!"

Choosing to talk about our joys rather than our challenges is not becoming more shallow or pulling more to the surface.  I don't believe that we have to dwell on the hard in order to connect with each other or be "real."  It's not hiding the truth or pretending to be perfect.  Choosing to talk about our joys is just that - a choice.  And I believe it shows quite a bit of strength and character to make that choice.  To choose to uplift, yourself and others, rather than drag down.

There is so much power in focusing on the good.
There is so much power in talking about the good.
It seems like the more I talk about my problems, and the hardships of life, the more that's what I experience and see day to day.

I want so desperately to break that habit.
There is so much good and so much joy in life. 
That's what I want to see. 
That's what I want to focus on.
That's what I want to share.

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The Yuan Fam said...

You know, I've read some of the quotes I see on Pinterest and after reading this one, it seems I don't need to read anymore ;-)!! What an inspirational saying. Thanks for sharing!