Thursday, January 3, 2013

So...A Couple Favs

Just wanted to share...
Two resolution posts that struck a serious chord inside me.

#1::Nie Nie
"Whatever happens this year will happen, its how I deal with it that matters."

Best New Year's Resolution ever.

#2::House of Smiths
Two of my favorite quotes::
"You need more women in your life. They make you happier, when you find the RIGHT ones. But something you've got to stop doing, is hanging out with the kind of women who aren't going to build you up! You're SO awesome, so stop being intimidated by other women who are awesome too!"

"In the end, I realized that I needed friends who are happy, confident and AWESOME just being THEMSELVES!... but I knew I couldn't expect that out of a good friend, until I was willing to be all of those things too.  I know that nobody is completely and fully satisfied in every aspect of their lives, but I strongly believe that being able to make the BEST of what you have, is something that everyone CAN do."

I loved everything about this post.

I am so thankful for inspirational, uplifting words that people put out there for people like me to read!
Gems like these are my favorite. may also like::
::So...Words of Wisdom best advice ever.
::So...Lessons to Learn serious words of wisdom.
::So...Sunday Thought heavy things.

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MommyMert said...

Oh! Love too. Thanks for sharing.