Monday, July 20, 2009

So...potty diaries

Potty training week 1.
So far so good.
I think.

We threw Second Daughter in underwear at the beginning of this week. That's it. Just woke up one morning and instead of putting a new diaper on her, out came the panties. We didn't really discuss it, we didn't really make a big deal of it, we just did it. And I can't really tell how it's going. We're just kind of going with it.

She has had some accidents, of course, but overall she does pretty well. We have even been able to go places accident free. Good sign.

Bad news though - she now has strep (her and First Daughter) which isn't really helping things. LOTS of popsicles, LOTS of Sprite, and LOTS of ice water + sick girl taking LOTS of naps = safety diapers. Accidents are bound to make a sick sad girl even sadder.

We're hoping to pick up where we left off in a couple days.


Quinn, Allison, Rylee and Cailyn McNamara said...

OK, so I think you should do whatever works best for you and don't want to sound like I'm a know it all or anything...but with the 3 day potty training that I did, that was actually a part of the training process - to make sure that the trainee drinks as much liquid/eats as many popsicles as possible! The idea is that the more liquid you give them, the more chances you have to teach them what it feels like when they need to go. The other part that goes along with that though is that you have to watch the trainee very closely so that you can always catch them in the act of having an accident and rush them to the toilet.
I don't know how being sick plays into this...I imagine that it might throw things off. But at any rate, my point is that lots of liquids isn't necessarily a bad thing for potty training.
Good luck with whatever you do with potty training and also with getting everyone back to their normal health!
Oh I just had an afterthought...since she likes singing so much, maybe you can make up a song and teach it to her and then she'll learn to go potty! Maybe something like "I love to pee on the toilet, I'm wearing panties today..." Then, instead of "yum yum yum" you could somehow weave "bum bum bum" into the lyrics! Ha!

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