Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday Memories 036::Silly String New Year

New Years Eve 2010
For Christmas in 2007 Santa brought Husband Rockband.
Money was tight and splurges like that were few and far between.  It was very fun surprise.
That was the first year we hosted our New Years' Eve "Rockin' In the New Year" party. 
Friends + food + Rockband.
It was awesome.
It has been a fun tradition that we have continued year after year.
Now that we have a bit more space, we have Rockband/Kinect in one room, the Wii in another, boardgames in the kitchen, and lots and lots of food.
It's a blast.
If you're ever in town for New Years Eve, make sure to stop by.
Everyone is welcome!
This picture was from New Years Eve two years ago.
Our last hurrah in our old house.
For some reason I thought silly string would be a good idea for midnight.
The kids sure loved it, but it was kind of a mess to clean up.
Note to self::silly string belongs outside only!
But really, the kids absolutely loved it.
First Daughter is showing how silly that string made her in this picture.
I remember that night being so fun with her.
She was excited to stay up past midnight with her cousins.
She rocked at Rockband and we kicked butt at Bananagram.  At least as far as three-letter words are concerned.  She was in Kindergarten that year and learning how to read.  It was fun to play that game together and to watch her brain formulate words with all those letters.  It is amazing watching a kid learn before your very eyes. 
This year's party was quite a bit smaller than years in the past, but it was still rockin and so much fun.  Rockband has mostly been replaced with Just Dance, but it still made an appearance this year.
And of course, we always countdown the New Year with Dick Clark's show - this year with Ryan Seacrest.  The girls were extra excited this year to see Justin Bieber perform shortly after midnight. What a treat!  We have little Bieber Fever over here. may also like::
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::So...Yummy a favorite snack.
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The Yuan Fam said...

I think Maya would have thought twice about asking to go to bed at 9 if she knew the Biebs was performing. Sounds like good fun!!!