Wednesday, May 23, 2012


We finally finished A Little Princess.
We started it over a year ago, in our other house, and finally picked it back up again to finish.  The girlies have seen the movie a few times so they were familiar with the story, which always helps (especially the younger girls). 

This was the first time I had read this book too.  It is different from the movie.  The girls kept waiting for Sarah to find out her father didn't actually die, (because that's what happens in the movie) but it never happened.  They were a little confused when the book ended differently.  But it was good to know they were following along well!

This book is definitely one to add to your read-together list, if you haven't already.  It is a very sweet story and has a sweet message - every little girl is a princess.  My girlies loved it, and have even named their dolls Sarah, after the main character, and Emily, after her doll. 

And like Sarah, they wonder if their dolls magically come to life when they leave the room.  :)

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